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In case you don't know, I'm Nicole and I'm the owner of this site. This site provides resources & tutorials. If there's something not on this site that you'd like to see, please send me a message through Facebook and if it's possible then it will be added.
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This is just an update on the current situation I'm dealing with (read blog below). Unfortunately, I still haven't got any of my devices back but I had to be interviewed by the police again this morning. I've since been reported for all 3 offences and the police have said they're going to get me a court date asap. Sadly this does mean that if I go to court again, I'm looking at a custodial sentence but I'm not sure how long it'll be for. I'll post another update when I hear from them to find out if they're charging me or not but it does look likely. This is all I know at this stage but I'll post again when I have more information!

UPDATE (14.01.2019): The police charged me, I'm now awaiting my court date!



IMPORTANT: I wasn't going to post anything but it seems that I have no option but to do so. On Monday 24th December 2018, I was arrested on suspicion of multiple offences. Due to the nature of the incident, the police searched my home & seized all of my electrical devices e.g. My phone, laptop etc. I've since been released from police custody currently without charge but released UNDER INVESTIGATION. The offences are ones I've denied as I hadn't committed them but unfortunately the police don't believe me. They still have all devices they seized and I'm currently waiting to find out if I'll be charged or not. As I have no laptop at the present time, I'm not able to update the site at all & even though I'll still accept affiliate requests, it may take a little longer to add you onto the list. As I'm under investigation, I cannot post details of what's happened. Doing so could result in an offence being committed which would get me re-arrested. Once the police & CPS decide what to do regarding the incident, I'll be able to inform people the full story of what happened but for now, this is all I can say. I've posted this so you're aware of the inactivity. I'm hoping this will be sorted quickly with no charges. Please be patient, I'm very restricted to what I can do currently.