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In case you don't know, I'm Nicole and I'm the owner of this site. This site provides resources & tutorials. If there's something not on this site that you'd like to see, please send me a message through Facebook and if it's possible then it will be added. Thank you for visiting!




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16th September 2018

If you're a regular visitor, you would have seen there's a few new updates on this site. I still haven't had a chance to upload the tutorials but I will do soon. A few people have been asking about when the stylesheets will be added back. I sadly lost all of my old stylesheets when I closed Plasteeq so I'm going to have to remake them all which I will do at some point. I'm finally finished with court appearances, I had my last one on Wednesday 12th September 2018, it didn't go as expected but I'm just getting on with it now. It's in the past, so it can stay there! I've now officially done 2 months out of my 18 month driving ban - only 16 months left until I'm allowed to drive again. It's such a pain in the ass being disqualified though, I can't wait to get my licence back. Although before I can drive on my own again, I have to take my theory test again as well as an extended driving test. Once I pass both of those, I can drive alone again which I can't wait for! I know for a fact that I'll never take my driving licence for granted ever again, it's been a massive inconvenience not having it. From 17th November 2019, I can apply for my licence again but it'll only be a provisional licence until I both both those tests that I mentioned earlier! My ban is officially over on 12th January 2020 - bring it on! :D